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To ensure you’re in good health before a surgery, Gary D. Schwartz, MD, can provide you with a pre-op evaluation at his office in Hackensack, New Jersey. Dr. Schwartz customizes each evaluation based on your unique health needs and the type of surgery you’re having. He focuses on identifying health issues that could potentially complicate your surgery or interfere with the use of anesthesia. If you’re scheduled for surgery, schedule a pre-op evaluation online or by calling the office of Gary D. Schwartz, MD, today.

Pre-op Evaluation Q & A

Why do I need a pre-op evaluation?

If you’re having surgery, a pre-operative (pre-op) evaluation is an important step to ensure you’re healthy enough for the procedure. The goal of your evaluation is to identify potential health issues that can interfere with anesthesia or the surgery itself.

Dr. Schwartz offers comprehensive pre-op evaluations in-office that you can schedule before you have any type of surgery, including heart surgery, joint replacement surgery, and weight-loss surgery.

What happens during a pre-op evaluation?

During your pre-op evaluation, Dr. Schwartz assesses your overall health. He focuses especially on your risk factors for infection, cardiac, and pulmonary complications that can occur during your surgery or due to the use of anesthesia.

Dr. Schwartz takes time to review your personal and family medical history and discuss any new symptoms or health concerns you have. If you have existing health conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure, Dr. Schwartz may recommend screening tests to ensure your condition is under control.

You can also expect a:

  • Physical exam
  • Cardiac evaluation
  • Pulmonary evaluation
  • Functional assessment

In addition, Dr. Schwartz may recommend updating vaccines as necessary during your pre-op evaluation and can provide needed vaccinations during your visit.

How do I prepare for surgery?

In addition to the instructions you receive from your surgeon, Dr. Schwartz can determine if you should make any changes to your existing treatments or need to stop taking certain medications leading up to your surgery without complicating your health.

Dr. Schwartz can also offer resources to reduce your risk for injuries and falls during your recovery after a surgical procedure.

Will I need a post-operative exam?

Following your surgery, Dr. Schwartz can provide you with support during your recovery. He can make necessary changes to your existing treatment to accommodate your needs after surgery and ensure you’re healing properly.

Dr. Schwartz also offers resources to help you recover safely at home, such as making sure you have social or medical support as you recuperate from surgery.

If you’re scheduled for surgery, you can schedule a pre-op evaluation at the office of Gary D. Swartz, MD, online or by calling the office today.

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